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LY-T70 inflatable snow globe

item LY-T70 inflatable snow globe product name LY-T70 inflatable snow globe

Inflatable Snow globes, Inflatable Snow Globe, Giant Snow Sphere inflatable,Giant Snow Globe for sale!!! 
We can do custom size and color  as well as graphics print.
We have has our products design registration in Australian Standards.

Inflatable Snow Globes

MOQ: 1 pc.

1) Size: 2.5, 3m 4m, 6m or customize
2) Material: PVC vinyl / TPU.
3) Accessory: Repair kit, blower,stainnesstie down d rings,safe valve, white zipper etc.
4) Packing: PVC carry bag for snow globe, carton for blower.
5) CE 14960 Standars, ASTM, Australian Standards, BS5438, NFPA 701 flame resistance.

We have had our products design registration in Australian Standards.If you have any question or need more info, please email us at: info@inflatable-global.com

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