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YL-SL179 the Biggest Inflatable Water Slide

item YL-SL179 the Biggest Inflatable Water Slide product name YL-SL179 the Biggest Inflatable Water Slide

We have had the product design registration in Australian Standards.


Our large slide 55 meters long, 12 meters high and 15 meters wide. We will sell it with unique approval design number.

Model: YL-SL179 Inflatable Hippo Slide, made to CE 14690 European Standards and Australian Standards compliance.

Dimension: 55mx15mx11.6mH
Material: PLATO PVC Tarpaulin, fire retardant and lead free.
Packing :2.2m×1.1m×1.1m
Weight: 2750kg

Safety Features:

* Safety Net:

Removable safety net on platform. Firstly, it secures the riders on the platform, preventing the riders falling.

* Triple Tube Leg Structures:

With an ultra strong lattice frame delivers incredible strength and support for the entire slide. The ground leg spacers ensure that the leg structure stands perfectly upright and square.

* Easy Climb Staircases:

Our staircases are manufactured from high density polyethylene with UV protection. Each stair has easy grip hand holders and non-slip stairs for a safe and easy climb for children and adults.

* Partitioned staircase:

Divided into two lanes, preventing overloading. Each lane has handrails on either side for a safe climb.

* Anchoring System:

Anchor point can resist 450kgs each. The strong anchoring system provides safety, stability and rigidity in the most adverse of weather conditions.

This system allows our slide to withstand excessive wind loads without causing damage to the slide.



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